30 Years


Riem Italy

RIEM Italy was established in Rome, Italy, back in 1976, by Mr. Francesco Russo who was specialized in repairing & overhauling air compressors.

Our services

RIEM Italy has dealt for many years with compressing machines and the treatment of air of the principal makes in Italy and abroad both new and used. A specialized group of technicians is dedicated to 24h internal and external service, to fix any problem of our clients.

Why Choose Us

We market the best brands on the international market. There are 4 branches that are managed by the commercial and technical services and managed by 5 divisions: Lubricated compressors, Oil free compressors, Oil and gas, Diagnosis, Rent

Our News

30 Dicembre 2021

The electrical system of compressors: how to start-up a compressor?

In order to work, a compressor obviously needs to be electrically operated and this aspect must also be calibrated efficiently to ensure the correct operation of […]
28 Dicembre 2021

Industrial compressors: how and where they can be better placed

The efficiency of an industrial compressor can also be improved by its positioning in what is commonly called the “compressor room”. This room, which can however […]
24 Dicembre 2021

Monitoring systems for compressors: diagnostics

To protect the industrial compressors, it is necessary to have adequate regulation systems but, above all, advanced monitoring systems that are able to verify and prevent […]
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