30 Dicembre 2021

The electrical system of compressors: how to start-up a compressor?

In order to work, a compressor obviously needs to be electrically operated and this aspect must also be calibrated efficiently to ensure the correct operation of […]
28 Dicembre 2021

Industrial compressors: how and where they can be better placed

The efficiency of an industrial compressor can also be improved by its positioning in what is commonly called the “compressor room”. This room, which can however […]
21 Dicembre 2021

How to reduce noise in compressors?

Industrial compressors, like all the machines, inevitably make some noise and their “level” depends above all on the size of the room in which they are […]
17 Dicembre 2021

Air compressors: How to optimize costs

To produce compressed air, the most used energy source is undoubtedly electricity which, of course, has a cost. The topic we want to analyze in this […]
15 Dicembre 2021

Centrifugal Oil-Free Air Compressors: why and when to choose them

Riem Italy, a leading company in the manufacturing of spare parts for compressors and sale of industrial compressors, is able also to supply new centrifugal oil-free […]
9 Dicembre 2021

The piston compressor

Riem Italy, a company specialized in reparation and spare parts of industrial compressors, stands out on the market for its ability to offer highly professional and […]
6 Dicembre 2021

Which compressor to choose for your business

Compressors, that’s not something new, are not all similar. Just take a look at the products that Riem Italy produces and refurbishes to understand how vast […]
2 Dicembre 2021

The screw compressor: what it is and how it works?

The screw compressor, also called rotary screw compressor, is a particular type of compressor that belongs to the volumetric family and is used for compressing air […]
29 Novembre 2021

What is compressed air?

When it comes to compressed air, its meaning is not always clear, especially for those who have little confidence and familiarity with certain technical topics or […]