RIEM Italy is able to apply inverter devices of oil-free machines and lubricated screw.

For the industrial activities electricity for the use of air compressors it is one of the most burdensome entries that determines the production costs of the manufactured articles in general.
Many of compressor manufacturers for the industry for some time now marketing a range of machines with a very high cost equipped with INVERTER and suitable to meet the requirements because of possible energy savings of which the customers can benefit through the use of these devices last generation.
The FILL SERVICE has designed and successfully implemented the application of inverter devices on standard machines offering its customers such a solution that does not require huge financial investments.
Our engineering department, through a modification and a primary brand INVERTER device kit, is able to transform any screw machine.
The technical adjustment of the compressor is related to the feasibility study dictated by the following phases:
Analysis of air consumption of the compressor room of the establishment under observation
the machine choice to change that best suited to produce energy savings
Check investment
Technical Proposal / Business
Realization complete transformation certification that will make the compressor conforms to the legislature in force
Maintenance energy savings achieved