Spare Parts Compressor

2 Dicembre 2021

The screw compressor: what it is and how it works?

The screw compressor, also called rotary screw compressor, is a particular type of compressor that belongs to the volumetric family and is used for compressing air […]
27 Novembre 2021

How to adjust a volumetric compressor

A compressor, as already said, has as its main feature the presence of several compression chambers for air or gas, sealed on the inlet/suction side. When […]
17 Novembre 2016

AFTERCOOLER ZR 3 – Model 1202244300

The AFTERCOOLER ZR 3-1202244300 is one of the products Z series by  Atlas Copco. Riem Italy gives you access to the highest quality products, thanks to a […]
17 Novembre 2016

AFTER COOLER ZR 4 5 6 – Model 1621724508

The AFTER COOLER ZR 4 5 6-1621724508 is one of the most important product of Z series by Atlas Copco. Riem Italy cures and offers this important […]
17 Novembre 2016

INTERCOOLER ZR 3 – Model 1621724408

The INTERCOOLER ZR 3-1621724408 Z series Atlas Copco is one of the leading products of Atlas’s devices. Atlas, is a company absolutely reliable and industry leaders […]
17 Novembre 2016

INTERCOOLER ZR 4 – Model 1621724608

The INTERCOOLER ZR 4-1621724608 belongs to Z series Atlas Copco, a leading company in the field of air compressors and liquid. Atlas Copco is reliable and […]
17 Novembre 2016

INTERCOOLER ZR 5 – Models 1621724708

The INTERCOOLER ZR 5-1621724708  Atlas Copco Z series is for all companies a quality indicator for its reliability. ZR models are made and covered according to […]
17 Novembre 2016

INTERCOOLER ZR 6 – Model 1621724808

The INTERCOOLER ZR 6 -1621724808 Z series Atlas Copco is one of the leading products of the Atlas range proposed by Riem Italy. Atlas Copco Italian […]
17 Novembre 2016

BLOW-OFF COOLER ZR 3 4 – Model 1614893800

The BLOW-OFF COOLER ZR 3 4-1614893800 is a reliable and handsome produced by Atlas Copco, the industry leader for years, certified in all the best operating […]