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28 Giugno 2023

Aluminum ring compressed air system for CE.CA.SA.

Riem Italy, a leading company in the revision and assembly of industrial compressors, has developed an innovative aluminum ring compressed air system for CE.CA.SA. The choice of […]
27 Giugno 2023

New Compressor Station and Compressed Air Distribution System for Porcarelli

RIEM Italy has recently installed a new compressed air station, along with an air treatment system and a distribution line, using the latest available technologies. This […]
4 Aprile 2023

Compressed air production machines in the food sector

Riem Italy is a leading company in the supply of compressed air solutions, specializing in the refurbishment, rental, and sale of air compressors. With years of […]
22 Febbraio 2023

RIEM Italy and the use of oil-free compressed air in paper processing

RIEM Italy is an Italian company specialized in the maintenance and refurbishment of air compressors, dryers, and spare parts for various industries. This company stands out […]
14 Febbraio 2023

Riem Italy in monitoring, performance and control of compressed air

RIEM ITALY is present throughout Italy and its activities include maintenance and sales of air compressors, dryers, construction of oil-free compatible spare parts, design of compressed […]
23 Gennaio 2023

Compressed Air and its field of use get usually approached by Riem Italy with news and used compressors with 0 hours revision

Compressed air, like electricity, has such a vast field of use that sometimes could be difficult tosummarize its applications. In brief, the quality of the air […]
16 Gennaio 2023

Riem Italy partner for the design of new compressed air systems and the energy optimization of already existing systems

Companies are constantly looking for strategies and methods to increase and improve efficiency at  an operational level with particular reference to what is necessary to carry […]
9 Gennaio 2023

It’s time to change the offer of new and used compressors refurbished at 0 hours

The constant and permanent exercise to which every commercial activity is subject, aimed at proposing the  sale of services and/or products, whatever they are, is to […]
30 Dicembre 2021

The electrical system of compressors: how to start-up a compressor?

In order to work, a compressor obviously needs to be electrically operated and this aspect must also be calibrated efficiently to ensure the correct operation of […]