Oil Free Compressor


Compressori Oil Free


Oil Free Compressor

Regarding to the rotary screw compressors, we can say that Riem Italy, in his years of experience, has managed to become a leader in the international distribution of oil free compressors ATLAS COPCO ZR.
Riem can provide multiple interventions of different nature.We are indeed in a position to intervene with the adjustment methods, replacement and maintenance routine.

We are specialized in the regeneration of rotor groups of high and low pressure.

The reconditioning operation consists in the replacement of the bearings, mechanical seals, gaskets and the surface coating of the screws and the substitution of the same.
In addition, the FILL Service has specialized in the regeneration of rotating drums in the series of dryers called MD


 Installation of invertor on the compressor

Riem Service is able to apply inverter devices of oil free compressors and oil lubricated screw.

 Installation of control panel

Riem Service gives voice to the market requirements for plants both in low and medium voltage


We offer maintenance contracts  24 h / day

 Revision and replacing of the drums 

We can revise drums of the MD Atlas Copco series

 Revision of airends

Ricondizioniamo la serie MK I e MK II dallo stadio 1 allo stadio 6