Lubrificated compressor

Compressori Lubrificati

LUBRIFICATED COMPRESSOR. RIEM Service is a distributor in Italy and all over the world of the most important compression products since 1976. It is able to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of any type of compressor lubricated screw/piston of Italian and/or foreign manufacture. Original parts of any brand are also available.

The staff of Riem Service is highly qualified and has years of experience in mechanics and electronics matters. Riem Service can satisfy any request by the customer, h24.

Our maintenance contracts are global service agreement also on call, and our response will always be accurate and calibrated according to customer requirements.

Riem Service can also substitute the client’s compressors with those of our property, for the full duration of assistance. A kind of “courtesy compressors”, there will not waste time and therefore money.

We can review any type of screw or piston pump with original spare parts and with 12 months warranty extendable to five years with proportional warranty and after signing a service contract.

Our spare parts “strategic” populates our warehouses of spare parts, making them the best internationally.


Riem Service offers best service in every divisions:

  • Maintenance
  • Revision of airends
  • Spare parts for lubricated compressors
  • Distribution lines for air compressor



We have all the necessary equipment to perform immediate diagnosis. This allows us to make timely reports and to establish with the customer the most appropriate maintenance contract.

Revision of airends

We are specialized in Revision of airends for each type of compressor of any Italian and foreign brand

Spare parts for lubricated compressors

We have a wide range of products and spare parts used  and reconditioned. We use this option with the exchange formula.

Distribution lines for air compressor

Compressed air distribution systems or other fluids with a system of aluminium hollow bar that functions swiftly and safely.