Overhauling oil free air-ends

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Our workshops perform a reconditioning process to “zero” hours of Z rotors screw or cams, if necessary, also by applying new screws.

We are able to recondition any oil-free compression element present on the market.

Our processes include:

Replacement screws for pumping of any size groups

Blasting and dimensional controls for pumping units of great size

blasting cylinder

Painting with our special teflon coating and drying RS

Replacement of the element with replacement of bearings, seals and gaskets

Replacement of worn springs

Worn gear replacement

the balancing membrane replacement

Installation of coated screws inside the pumping group

element compression test

The test benches are connected to the server, where the results are displayed and analyzed.

At the end of the processing is issued a report on the performance of the element.

teflon painting on cylinder

Teflon painting on cylinder

Teflon painting on screw

Heat treatment

Assembly – 1

Assembly – 2