Generally, Industry tends to use state-of-the-art air and gas compressors, namely those capable of producing a compressed fluid as clean and low-cost as possible.

That’s why companies that produce compressors are using more and more technologies that can assure energy savings, for example with the inverter technology applied to low power consumption electric engines.

As to the quality of the outlet air, manufacturers are targeting the oil-free screw technology. Oil-free screw compressors have the feature that, during the compression and cooling phases of air through the heat exchangers, lubricating oil does not come in contact with the compressed air.

In fact, the oil-free rotors have a self-lubricating coating on them that allows compressors not to need the usual lubricants.

Usually, the coating is made with a fluoropolymer that is applied on the rotors through a polymerization process. This enables the coating to hold on permanently and firmly to the metal surface of the rotor. Thanks to this feature, the oil-free screw compressors are used by companies that produce goods that cannot be contaminated by oil – differently from the lubricated oil compressors that emit oil with the compressed air, however many filtration grades are used.