The INTERCOOLER ZR 6 -1621724808 Z series Atlas Copco is one of the leading products of the Atlas range proposed by Riem Italy.

Atlas Copco Italian company has long been the industry leader; in 2013 had a turnover of 145 million euros and employed around 322 employees. The company markets air compressors, construction equipment, industrial tools and boasts major awards in quality certification level; ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) is one example.

Intercooler ZR 6, like all other compressors distributed by Atlas, offers high energy efficiency by combining modern technology zero risk of contamination.

The most attractive features of this particular compressor are:

  • speed, thanks to the variable speed drive which ensures a considerable savings reduction of costs
  • multi-compressor central monitoring
  • need very low maintenance

So if we were to use three words to characterize the most of this type of compressor could definitely say: Energy, Security and Reliability.

 INTERCOOLED ZR 6 -1621724808 uses the latest technologies in terms of cooling and pulsation dampeners so as to always guarantee the maximum degree of reliability and stability.

Compressed air 100% oil-free

The ZR delivers 100% of purified and filtered air in accordance with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification (2010). No risk of contamination