The INTERCOOLER ZR 5-1621724708  Atlas Copco Z series is for all companies a quality indicator for its reliability. ZR models are made and covered according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The intercooler ZR 5 belongs to the category of Watercooler. What is Watercooler?

The watercooler is a liquid plant system that allows to keep the compressors at very low temperatures and near to the ambient temperature. In no other case, except through this, it would be possible to achieve such low temperatures, unless you use extreme cooling such as ice or liquid nitrogen. This system guarantees losses 0 and is the reason why Atlas Copco, a leading company for compressors, was able to obtain several certifications, including that of Class 0. Class 0 means no risk of contamination or damaged materials or products.

It is important to mention the principal feature INTERCOOLER ZR 5-1621724708: 100% oil-free. The Atlas Copco compressors go through numerous and rigorous tests to verify the real absence of oil in the air losses. Well, in any case there was no such thing. The ZR delivers 100% of purified and filtered air in accordance with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification (2010). Not surprisingly Atlas Copco was the first company to obtain the important standard that we talked about, and may even really be definitive as the pioneer company in the range of oil-free compressors. One of theWatercool’s advantage is without doubt the low maintenance required for optimizing costs and efficiency out of the ordinary.


The Riem Service is aware of the need to adapt their compressor and dryer products to particular specifications and standards applied by large companies for the purchase of compressed air equipment. Specific departments within the Atlas Copco Group, are responsible for the design and production of customized equipment, so they can operate in extreme conditions of temperature and often in very remote locations.