The INTERCOOLER ZR 4-1621724608 belongs to Z series Atlas Copco, a leading company in the field of air compressors and liquid. Atlas Copco is reliable and has obtained in the years, all major industry certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Class 0

This particular type of compressor eliminates the presence of risk for both air compressors that water. The ZR 4 intercooler ensures a high level of purity equal to 100% being totally oil-free.

The main features of this compressor are:

  • always operational monitoring system
  • compression element oil-free
  • coolers with high efficiency and water separator
  • compensators Inlet on all pipe connections

Atlas Copco heads its Z series of oil-free screw compressors with the “full flow” method. It is analyzed the entire air flow to measure aerosols, vapors and wall flow.

Great attention is also given to the design, which is also guarantee of 100% oil-free air. The design also allows high overall efficiency through

– Rotor coating
– Cooling coats

The use of special andhyper-tested bearings finally guarantee high stability under variable loading conditions; avoid the need for pre-lubrication / stabilization time and operating below the limit of wear.

INTERCOOLED ZR 4-1621724608 uses the latest technologies in terms of cooling and pulsation dampeners so as to always guarantee the maximum degree of reliability and stability. Not to be underestimated also is the need for minimum maintenance for these compressors, the revision periods are in fact normally very long.


  • very low temperatures
  • much better visual impact
  • minimal maintenance
  • Noise
  • Excellent margins for overclocking
  • full customization
  •  very durable

Total customization is one of the most interesting aspects of this Watercooler (liquid cooling system), Riem Italy suitables to provide within its departments, highly skilled workers are able to customize the products to 100%, thus coming to meet all market needs.