The INTERCOOLER ZR 3-1621724408 Z series Atlas Copco is one of the leading products of Atlas’s devices. Atlas, is a company absolutely reliable and industry leaders whose Riem Italy distributes.

The intercooler or intercooler is a device mainly used in the turbocharged internal combustion engines.  It is a thermic exchanger of the air / air type or air / water able to cool the air before they enter the engine at an ideal temperature for the combustion.

The element of Compression INTERCOOLER ZR 3 offers the shortest way to achieve higher productivity and minimizes operating and production costs. Compressor series Intercooler Atlas Copco Z is focused precisely
on saving energy effectively, guaranteeing product safety – only oil-free machines exclude contamination risks for 100% – and Energy, safety and reliability.

Other added value of this type of compressor is the minimum required maintenance, with very long intervals of revision.

The INTERCOOLER ZR 3 – 1621724408 INTERCOOLED ZR 3-1621724408 uses the latest technologies in terms of cooling and pulsation dampeners so as to always guarantee the maximum degree of reliability and stability.

Riem Italy offers Intercooler both water (HD) that air (TD), and both produce air at a temperature suitable for the most dryers. The High cooling efficiency is combined with a low energy consumption.

Also important is the feature of the energy recovery.

As an industry leader, Atlas Copco requested the renowned TÜV institute test its Z range of oil-free screw compressors, customer warranty. Using the most rigorous testing methodologies, all the compressors were measured in on a wide range of temperatures and pressures. In all cases the TÜV found no traces of oil. For this reason, Atlas Copco has received the first certification CLASS and has successfully passed the ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 specifications.

Maximum energy efficiency

The oversized cooling system, the low pressure drop and high efficiency of the transmission determine the best efficiency of the compressor.


The Riem Italy offers highly modern technological solutions. company has specialized departments and specific employees who take care of the design and production of customized equipment.