The BLOW-OFF COOLER ZR 5 6 -1202362000 is one of the most important product by the Atlas Copco Z series.

 ZR models are made and covered according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The element of Compression BLOW-OFF COOLER ZR 5 6 -1.202362 uses the latest technologies, among the most modern in the world, as regards the cooling system and the pulsation dampeners, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Our Cooler, wet (HD)or air (TD) require minimal maintenance and this offers the opportunity to maximize the cost considerably. The ecological aspect should not be underestimated. These particular types of compressors in fact are totally oil-free and do not impact with the environment. No harmful effect then, with filtered and purified air. Atlas Copco was the first compressor manufacturer to receive the prestigious Class 0 certification in 2010. No risk of contamination so or damaged products or second-hand, nor the resulting downtime.


The Riem Italy is aware of the need to adapt their compressor and dryer products to particular specifications and standards applied by large companies for the purchase of compressed air equipment. Specific departments within the Atlas Copco Group, are responsible for the design and production of customized equipment, so that they can operate in extreme conditions of temperature and often in very remote locations.