The BLOW-OFF COOLER ZR 3 4-1614893800 is a reliable and handsome produced by Atlas Copco, the industry leader for years, certified in all the best operating standards.

This particular type of compressor adopts a blow-off system installed before the aftercooler, guaranteeing in this way a really minimum loss of compressed air when the air demand decreases. The efficiency is guaranteed by the reduction of air leakage which normally occurs in the transmission of motion. To further ensure efficiency is the new adsorption dryer (MD / ND). This particular type of dryer is compatible with other Atlas models and makes of the compressor something highly “ecological”.

It is widely respected ISO 8573-1 (2010) CLASS 0 certification and also ‘TÜV’ certification.

The compression element BLOW-OFF COOLER ZR 3 4-1614893800 uses the latest technologies in cooling so as to always guarantee the highest degree of reliability and stability.


Riem Italy is very attentive to the satisfaction of its customers and for this he knows that adapt their compressors is a absolute must. Specific departments within the Atlas Copco Group, are responsible for the design and production of customized equipment, so that they can operate in extreme conditions of temperature and often in very remote locations.