The AFTER COOLER ZR 4 5 6-1621724508 is one of the most important product of Z series by Atlas Copco. Riem Italy cures and offers this important line.

The Atlas Copco compressors ensure the delivery of air without oil contamination, guaranteeing maximum performance and a very wide range of pressures to superb energy efficiency. These compressors  are mostly used for installations that require high levels of purity, as for example within the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The compressors ZR therefore eliminate the risk of oil contamination and maximize the cost further.

The AFTER COOLER ZR 4 5 6 to 1621724508 is 100% guaranteed: it is a Class Zero, where zero is the risk of contamination, zero the chances of damaged or unsafe products.

There are many benefits to customers, including direct energy savings (energy savings up to 35%); poor issues idling; the compressed air is not discharged into the air.

AFTER COOLER ZR 4/5/6 – 1621724508 is an highly reliable product, thanks to the use of the latest technologies, such as cooling technologies and pulsation dampeners.

Compressed air 100% oil-free

AFTER COOLER ZR 4 5 6 delivers only air purified and filtered in accordance with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification (2010). Class 0 certification is of fundamental importance, especially in regard to the potential customer that is a total guarantee of coverage on the product. Class 0 actually means: zero chance of damaged vehicles, zero chance of pollution, zero chance of poor performance.

Maximum energy efficiency

ZR oil-free screw elements provide the optimum combination of the free air delivery (FAD) with the lowest possible energy consumption.

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